»Rafter’s« footbridge

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    Design (PZI, PID)

    Designer's supervision

    Supervision of the manufacture and design of the steel structures
Special steel structure inspection due to old concrete structure impact

IMK prepared for the client all the necessary steel structure project documentation for manufacturing and erection of the new »Rafter’s« bridge. During the construction of the bridge we provided also the designer’s supervision and the supervision of the manufacture and design of the steel structures. Immediately after unwanted impact of the old concrete bridge structure into new steel structure during its demolition, we provided a special inspection of the newly erected steel structure.

The new »Rafter’s« footbridge was designed as a composite steel-concrete structure. It is composed of two main parts that are separated with an expansion joint. The first part is a 95.0 m long bridge construction over the Savinja River, local road and footpath in the City Park with a maximum span of 74.0m. The second part is a 52.5 m long ramp that spirally descends into the City Park on the right side of the river. Overall length of the new footbridge is 147.5 m, the weight of steel structure is approx. 160t. The bearing structure of the bridge is composed of a steel girder and thin reinforced concrete slab on top. Abutments on the left and on the right side of the river were designed to support the bridge construction. The spiral ramp is supported on concrete pad footings, which support steel columns and on a large reinforced concrete footing at the end.