Mechanical testing is used to determine the mechanical properties of materials, products and structures. In mechanical tests test specimens are usually destroyed, while in other investigations they should not be destroyed, e.g. loading tests. IMK is able to perform all mechanical tests required to identify the key mechanical properties of various metals. The mechanical tests presented below are classified as accredited and non-accredited procedures.

Accredited testing procedures:

  • tensile test at room temperature,
  • hardness test:
    • Vickers
    • Brinell
    • Rockwell
  • notch impact toughness test (up to 300 J),
  • technological bend in reversible bend test,
  • testing of fasteners.

Other tests and procedures:

  • tensile test at temperatures from -40°C to +700°C,
  • compression test at room temperature,
  • notch impact toughness test up to +700°C,
  • functional tests of various construction elements,
  • testing of pre-loaded joints,
  • electrical measurement of mechanical quantities,
  • loading test of structures,
  • technological tests according to the applied standards or client requirements.

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Examples of mechanical tests:

Tensile tests:

  • steel sheet,
  • welded joints,
  • bolts and fasteners assemblies,
  • ground anchors,
  • reinforcing steel and reinforcing mesh,
  • steel cables.

Notch impact toughness test:

  • steel sheet,
  • welded joints,
  • bolts.

Hardness test:

  • Vickers,
  • Brinell,
  • Rockwell

Bend (technological) test:

  • welded joints,
  • reinforcing steel and reinforcing mesh.

Loading test of structures: