Construction and quality supervision, construction and quality inspections, quality control and super-control of construction and the execution of steel structures comprise the basic and indeed original work of IMK.
The knowledge accumulated and experience passed on to new generations forms a solid basis for comprehensive technical discussions of problems typical in the design, manufacture, assembly and overall execution of steel structures.
IMK's multidisciplinary experts ensure the highly professional execution of inspections related to the manufacture and assembly of steel structures and equipment.
IMK fulfils various roles in the implementation of control and supervision services, where the company’s specific tasks, roles and scope depend on the client and the client’s particular requirements – which can be expanded and upgraded according to IMK’s recommendations.

In practice, this involves the following:

  • Construction, quality supervision and inspections in accordance with building codes and other requirements,
  • Supervision is usually carried out according to the investor's or the supervisor's technical support needs as regards construction and/or quality control,
  • Quality control and super-control of the manufacture and execution processes also represents supervision, but for a supplier or contractor involved in execution works,
  • IMK also carries out project engineering supervision according to the building codes and regulations, which is an integral part of the design process.

The most common IMK services within the process of supervision are:

  • Supervision and/or QC of the manufacture and execution of steel structures;
  • Supervision or super-control of the manufacture and execution of steel power-line pillar structures, steel constructions, platforms and pedestals for power distribution stations, and other power plant structures from steel;
  • QC of the manufacturing and assembly of pressure equipment, pressure vessels, boilers, gas storage tanks and reservoirs;
  • QC of hydro mechanical equipment, turbines and other mechanical equipment;
  • Corrosion and abrasion tests;
  • Periodic inspections and assessments of steel structure condition, lifespan assessment and preparation of proposals for rehabilitation;
  • Participation in external inspections in the course of regular maintenance work in the Krško NPP;
  • Preparation of procedures for corrosion protection and QC of the application.

Business partners
Clients for supervision or control are commonly business partners directly involved in the construction project: investors, designers, manufacturers or suppliers of steel constructions, execution and assembly companies, or owners or users of existing facilities.

IMK is always looking for business partners who know they really want and need proper professional support and quality execution of control – and actually require quality implementation of the building and the entire project.

Head of the Technical support and supervision dept.

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+386 31 382 698

dr. Robert Cvelbar

Head of the Design Dept.

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Gregor Gruden

Electro-energetic facilities

Supervision of the manufacture and erection of steel power-line pillar structures, platforms and pedestals for the power distribution stations and other steel structures employed at or part of power plants.

Powerline 2 x 400 kV Beričevo – Krško.

Industrial objects

IMK is frequently engaged to provide technical assistance to one of the participants (investor, supervisor, manufactures or erector) in the construction of industrial plants. IMK also conducts comprehensive supervisions according to building codes, i.e. construction supervision of the commercial production facilities at the Kolektor ETRA company in Črnuče (production of 400 kV transformers).

Supervision of the manufacturers and the execution of loadbearing steel structures in the new Metal Ravne – EPŽ production hall (electro-slag remelting).

Bridge for the gas pipeline and pedestrians
Supervision of manufacturers and execution of the loadbearing steel structure of the Bridge for the gas pipeline and pedestrians over the channel at the Hydropower plant Srednja Drava 1, Miklavž na Dravskem polju.

Power production facilities

Šiška heating plant (TOŠ), Ljubljana
Supervision of manufacturers and of the erection of the loadbearing steel structure of the A’’-F/2-02 boiler room at the (TOŠ) heating plant.