Basic data
CompanyInstitute of Metal Constructions
Short nameIMK Ljubljana
Registered officeMencingerjeva 7, 1000 Ljubljana
Organisation forminstitute
Code of activities72.190
Corporate registry No.5051657
ID number for VATSI72505176
Transaction Acc.SI56 0204 5001 3865 468 at NLB d.d.
Institute's bodiesBoard of IMK, Director
FounderUniversity of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering
Spheres of activity
72.190Research and development in the other fields of natural science and technology
71.129Technical engineering design and related consultancy
71.200Technical testing and analysis
Points of contact
Mailing addressMencingerjeva 7, p.p. 3410, 1001 Ljubljana
Telephone+386 1 280 21 00
Fax+386 1 280 21 51