Non-destructive testing (NDT or NDE) is mainly used to detect faults in the parent materials, welds, castings or other steel products. IMK carries out the essential part of the NDT in the field or at the customer, as such service orders are most commonly related to determining the state of the facility or equipment during the course of construction or operation. Also, in cases where technological equipment is exposed to challenging operating conditions, the results of non-destructive examinations form an important basis for further professional assessment and advice related to the necessary maintenance of the equipment, such as pressure equipment, piping, rotating machine parts, and dynamic load-bearing structures.

IMK performs the following types of NDT:

  • visual testing (VT),
  • liquid penetrant testing (PT),
  • magnetic particle testing (MT),
  • radiographic testing (RT),
  • ultrasonic testing (UT),
  • visual examination with videoscope,
  • leakage testing (with vacuum),
  • measure the depth of cracks,
  • measure the thickness of protective coatings,
  • measure the dielectric strength of insulation,
  • ultrasonic measurements of wall thickness.

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