IMK is very open to creative work and to various research and development schemes related to all core processes (design, technical consultancy, supervision, testing, certification). Even regular everyday work is both routine and unique, as most work is related to addressing individual requirements and circumstances, which should be recognized and addressed properly.

R&D is crucial for the evolution of the institute; therefore, IMK is open to collaboration with both national and European institutions, as well as organizations in the commercial and public sectors. In actual practice, however, most R&D work at IMK is primarily related to addressing real problems in practice, and carried out by the so-called Applied Research arm of IMK. Occasionally IMK conducts research on its own initiative, if the execution of a project reveals a phenomenon that would be useful to explore, but where the research itself would exceed the scope of the services tendered.

IMK does not employ permanent or ongoing research groups – instead groups are formed according to the needs of the research project. The IMK R&D teams composed of staff in various organizational units are registered at the SRA. In the event of any wider-spread or lengthy research projects – especially in the case of projects financed by the public sector, the financial side of the research work is generally managed separately.

Applied research of welding process

The major part of the R&D work is carried out in the following areas:

  1. Research of the mechanical properties of structural materials,
  2. Estimations of service life of steel structures,
  3. Corrosion and corrosion protection,
  4. Theoretical and experimental analysis of construction details,
  5. Joints and joining processes of structural elements (welded and bolted joints),
  6. Research related to the operational safety of energy facilities,
  7. Analysis of the full life cycle of construction assemblies and elements (LCA).

Managing director and Head of OE LKK

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dr. Marjan Suban

Head of OE TSN

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dr. Robert Cvelbar

Head of OE GK

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Gregor Gruden

Recent major R&D projects:

  1. Analysis of flexible tube corrosion phenomena – NPP Krško (2013)
  2. Folding of gas pipe during cold bending - IMP (2013)
  3. Construction of antenna systems for extreme operating conditions – GI ZRMK (2012)
  4. Analysis of pipeline the buckling during operation - IMP (2012)
  5. Analysis of cracks resulting from termite welding of cathodic protection due to steel’s contact with molten copper – NPP Krško (2010)
  6. Advanced Wavelet Analysis for Structural Testing - Ministry of Higher Education, EUREKA (2009–2012)
  7. Development and installation of online support information portal for metal constructions, e-Konstrukcije - Ministry of Higher Education (2009–2010)
  8. Expert assessment of the state of drinking water pipe network - OIL (2009)
  9. Noise assessment of electric power transformers - SRA (2007-2009)
  10. Using methods and techniques to assess aging and ensure the safe operation of nuclear and radiation facilities - SRA (2008)
  11. Life assessment of spatial structures subjected to fatigue - Ministry of Higher Education (2005)
  12. Methodology for assessing the residual life of material exposed to creep - TES (2005)
The research of microbiologically influenced corrosion in water pipes
Investigation of noise of electric power transformers